Hotion  Professional  Company



Founded in 2008, Shanghai Hotion Professional Company(Hotion) located in Shanghai -reputated as capital of fashion, is the integrated organization occuping professional stage lighting equipment R&D, manufacturing, engineering, sales and service. We cooperate with thousands of customers in domestic and oversea market. Hotion committed to bring high and stage fixtures to domestic market, at the same time, export innovate products to all over the world. Our company is very honored to involve in major projects in 2008 Beijing Olympics, China National Games, 2010 Shanghai EXPO, 2016 Shanghai Disney land.

With our continuous efforts, Hotion Group hold Hotion Professional Hong Kong Limited, Guangzhou Hotion Technology Co., Ltd(Guangzhou Ovation Lighting Factory), Hotion Beijing Branch, Hotion USA(planning) as subsidary company. An experienced and energetic team in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong KOng, Los Angeles will support you with professional and quality service. We devoted to, in the near future, make Hotion the world first classs enterprise in lighting filed.

Thank you so much for your continued attention and support. So grateful to have your accompany. Wishing you a booming in business and a happy family.

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