Ovation Light Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ovation)

is a comprehensive organization specializing in the research, development, manufacturing, sales, and service of professional stage lighting equipment in China. The company has thousands of professional clients both domestically and internationally. Ovation is dedicated to introducing high-end stage equipment from Europe and America into China, while also exporting its independently developed advanced products worldwide.

The company has been involved in major projects including the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the National Games, the 2010 World Expo, Shanghai Disney, and more. Huosheng is the exclusive mainland China distributor for several international brands including LOOK from Germany and CITC from the United States.


adheres to strict quality management system. The company obtained ETL certification in 2017 and was honored as a national high-tech enterprise starting from 2021. Ovation adopts a multi-brand strategy, with the following brands under its umbrella: Ovation for theater and film lighting, SPACEWAY for decorative lighting, and IFROG for cost-effective solutions. Ovation's products incorporate up to dozens of patents, filling numerous gaps in the domestic market. With vibrant teams in Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities worldwide, Ovation is committed to providing professional and high-quality services. In the near future, Ovation aims to introduce global strategic investors, establish a global sales agent system, and closely collaborate with upstream and downstream partners to build Ovation into a world-class technology innovation enterprise, creating value for partners and investors.

Ovation's Core Values: Market supremacy, commitment to action, talent maximization, unity and cooperation.

Ovation's Corporate Culture: No shifting blame, no shortcuts, guided by Buddhist principles, rooted in Taoism, and exemplifying Confucianism.

Ovation's Company Vision: To create a global platform where capable managers ultimately become partners in the company, sharing the joy of its growth.

Ovation aspires to become a globally recognized brand and a leading player in segmented industries worldwide. It seeks breakthroughs and growth opportunities in sustainable energy, high-end equipment, artificial intelligence, space exploration, virtual reality, robotics, and other fields.