Showgun Spot 5060

Showgun Spot 5060 is a 35W tunable LED profile spot, Color temperature tunable from 2700K - 6000K, Knob control of dimmer and CCT. High CRI, TLCI and TM30. A fixture especially designed for museums, luxury shop.
Key features:
• 35Watt + 35Watt tunable white LED
• 2700K - 6000K Color temperature adjustable
• High CRI of 93
• Knob control of dimmer and CCT
• Fan-free design, no noise
• Adjustable beam angle 50° -60°
• Spot shape can be changed by adjusting the slices
• 355° rotatable, freely adjustable irradiation angle
• Museums
• Luxury shops
• Lobbies
• Exhibition hall
Technical Data
Power supply: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
Light source: 35W WW +35W CW LED
Color temperature: 2700K - 6000K adjustable
Zoom range: 50° - 60°manual zoom
Color Rendition: CRI 93
Power connection: 4 wire 3 circuits track adapter
Housing: Colour black and white, Aluminum
Size: 270 x 85 x 58mm
N.W.: 1.2 kg
Environment: IP20
Color: Black
Color temperaute: 2700k-6000k
Product information: Led Color:White Tunable

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