Solar Panel 300C

Solar Panel 300C is a 300Watt RGBWW colored LED studio panel light. WW stand for warm white and cold white. With the RGB LEDs, this fixture just come with versatile color mixing, even and wide wash effect, perfect control lighting area through eight leaf barndoor. Moreover, CRI 95, 98 TLCI brings perfect light quality. It is specially designed for theatres, TV studios, video shootings.
Key features:
• RGBW(warm white)W(cold white) LED
• 2800K - 8000K color temperature adjustable
• Even and flat color mixing
• Bright output, uniform coverage
• Super silent operation for all circumstances
• High CRI 95, TLCI 98(avg.)
• Trubo mode for high performance output
• Dimmer curves selectable
• Smooth dimming, flicker free operation
• Rotary control of dimmer
• Dimmer frequency 1.2 - 24.0 KHz
• 8 - leaf barn door
• Broadcast, TV studio
• Film shooting
• Video shooting
Technical Data
Power supply: AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 200Watt(standard), 300W max.(turbo mode)
Light source: 4320 x SMD LED
Beam angle: 120°
Color temperature: 2800K - 8000K
Color Rendition: CRI 95, TLCI 98(avg.)
Power connection: PowerCON in & out
Signal connection: 3-pin XLR in & out
Control channels: 2/7/11
Control mode: DMX, RDM, Rotary
Dimmer curves: Standard / Stage / TV / Archi / Theatre/ Studio/ Turbo
Frequency: 1.2 KHz - 24.0 KHz
Housing: Colour black, Aluminum
Size: 651 x 150 x 299mm
N.W.: 9.2 kg(barndoor incl.)
Accessories(incl.): Power cable, barn door, Safety cable
Accessories(opt.): Beehive diffuser, Clamp
Environment: IP20
Body color: Black
Color temperaute: 2800k-8000k
Product information : Led Color:RGBWW

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