Spacegun 35

Spacegun 35 is a 35W constant 2-in-1 output exhibition display light. Color temperature 2700K to 6500K through the knob, dimming, the brightness remains same when the color temperature changes.

Key features:
• 35W constant output high brightness Led
• 2700K - 6500K tunable
• Dimming, color temperature 2 in 1 rotary knob
• Color rendering up to 96
• Cooling, fan-free silent design
• 10°- 60°zoom
• Soft and uniform light spot
• High-quality four-wire track

• Museum
• Luxury store
• Shopping mall, exhibition mall
• Art gallery

Technical Data
Power supply: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
Light source: 35W warm white+35W cool whiteLED
Color temperature: 2700K - 6500K tunable
Zoom: 10° - 60°manual zoom 
Colr rendition:CRI 96,TLCI 95
Power connection: 4 wire track
Housing: white,die-casting aluminum
Size: 238 x 114 x 205mm
Net weight: 1.9 kg
Environment: IP20

Color: White

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