Triac Mini Fresnel 40Z

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Triac Mini Fresnel 40Z

The Triac Mini Fresnel 40Z is the line dimmed version of Mini Fresnel 40Z. a compact LED fresnel.1800K -3000K or 1800K, 2700K, 3000K color temperature optional.Featuring 25 - 60° zoom, 95CRI, 90 R9. Barn door included for the shape of the light.

Key features:
• 40W LED
• CRI 95, R9≥90, TLCI 98, CQS 94
• 25° - 60° manual zoom
• AC power for line-dimmed operation
• Threshold 2%, minimum scale 20V
• Super compact, easy for set up
• 4-leaf rotatable barndoor included

• News interview
• Micro film shooting
• Small event
• Wedding shooting
• Exhibition lighting

Technical Data
Power supply: AC 0 - 240V
Light source: 40W LED
Color temperature: 1800K - 3000K or 1800K, 2700K, 3000K optional
Zoom range: 25°- 60° manual zoom
Color Rendition: CRI 95, R9≥90, TLCI 98, CQS 94
Power connection: PowerCON in
Control mode: AC line dimmer
Housing: Colour black or white, Aluminum
Size: 230 x 156 x 279mm
Package(carton): 335 x 218 x 220mm
N.W.: 2.2 kg(barn door incl.)
G.W.: 2.8 kg
Accessories(incl.): Power cable, barn door, Gel frame
Accessories(opt.): Clamp, Safety rope
Compliance: CE
Environment: IP 20

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